Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chocolate PB2 Protein Ice Cream

¼ Sup Splenda
2 Heaping T of PB2

Mix all ingredients together . I use an immersion blender, or what I affectionately call a boat motor to make the ice cream nice and airy. Make sure everything is blended well. Pour into your ice cream freezer and follow the manufacturers instruction for freezing. When ice cream is finished freezing, it will be at the soft serve stage. You can eat it then, or place in an airtight container ripen in the freezer.
Enjoy! this has got to be my favorite!

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Susy said...

OK I just don't understand why my protein ice cream is hard as a rock after it sits in the freezer. So hard that even after 30 min on the counter I still can't scoop it. I use soy rather than milk. I don't use the Torani sf syurp but want to get some. I used yogurt once and figured that was one reason it froze soild but it came out that way the 2nd time. Does you recipe for protein ice cream freeze like a rock? I will follow your next time to the T except the milk part. Hmm