Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cottage Cheese Pancakes with Strawberries

This morning for breakfast, Beth decided to make cottage cheese pancakes. Before you say anything, like “blech or uck”, let me say this, “They are good”!!!!! But I decided to carry it a little further. We had some strawberries in the fridge and I suggested we use those. Instead of sugar free syrup, we took a little sugar free strawberry jam and micro waved it. Yum yum!! What a nice way to start the day! Hope you enjoy!

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

¼ cup cottage cheese
2 Tablespoons oatmeal
1 egg
1 packet of splenda

1) Grind oatmeal in blender/magic bullet
2) Add cottage cheese, egg, and splenda
3) Mix thoroughly in blender/magic bullet
4) Let sit for several minute for air bubbles to escape

Makes 4 silver dollar pancakes or 1 large pancake.

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Susy said...

I'm checking out some of your links here to recipe web sites. You have got some good links here and good info. I'm starting to get bored with protien bars and such and looking to make something sugar free and low calorie and good for us. Keep up the great work. :)